Indosolar PV Cells at a glance

CELLS - SONA SERIES (Multi-crystalline Cells)

With our robust R & D arrangement for processes, raw material improvement and world-class testing facilities, we provide best cell quality & Industry leading efficiencies. Our cells have achieved a low breakage, high shunt, and low series resistance that result in low power loss in the module & better low light performance. Our cells are calibrated with THE GOLDEN CELL provided by the world’s largest tech standard ISE Fraunhofer, Germany. Our continuous process improvement has made us among a few manufacturers in the world that offer PID-free Cells.

CELLS - SAPPHIRE SERIES (Mono-Crystalline Cells)

Features our latest cost-effective technology to attain average efficiencies of 19%+ in production. Indosolar’s innovative, proprietary cell processing techniques are used to achieve significantly higher cell efficiencies while maintaining low-cost and high yield products.

Cells - Product Features


Crystalline - Silicon (C-ST) Cells